eg Media is a full-service, independent agency with a difference.

By working with eg Media you can be confident that you are entrusting your organisation’s planning and profitability to an experienced team who will identify the media best suited to achieve your business objectives.

Our media analysts are constantly using the latest research to present evidence-based plans, rather than following the latest popular trends.

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TV presents unbeatable scale and reach for brand building. According to the IPA, TV accounts for 33% of the average person’s media day. In one week TV is watched by 95.5% of adults.

Whether it’s leveraging the vast amount of targeting capabilities that online routes to market provide us with or the advanced analytics, having a well-informed online media strategy will undoubtedly aid in maximising your returns and boosting profitability.


News Brands

Studies show that 60% of all newspaper readers will stay loyal to one title rather than trusting several different news sources. This makes newspapers a very powerful medium as their content is trusted by a hard core of loyalists. If you’re considering long-term brand building then news brands can be a very important part of the strategy.

Out of Home advertising (OOH) is unmissable. It cannot be skipped or blocked. The use of digital by OOH has led to an increasingly dynamic, adaptive, innovative and interactive medium.

Out of Home


77% of people trust radio more than any other form of media. The popular misconception is one of a dying format but nothing could be further from the truth.

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