Founded nearly twenty years ago, we help organisations around the world to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

We believe that great performance comes only through understanding our clients and their customers. Once we know how you work, we create strategic plans designed to achieve your objectives.

Strategy, Service, Results

Like all media agencies, we help our clients achieve results. Unlike many though, we start by analysing your commercial model and seeing how we can become an invaluable member of your strategic planning. Some agencies strive for efficiency. But efficiency limits growth through a bias towards specific channels that deliver a short-term return. Our strategic approach means we design your plans with long-term success as the primary aim.

Our Work

The £1bn regeneration of the BBC Television Centre in West London

In 2015 Stanhope launched a British icon to the market. Our objective was simple: position the Television Centre as a global residential destination.

“EG Media have been a core creative partner since day 1, consulting on, planning, booking, managing and evaluating all of our UK and international media for successive campaigns. The experienced team understand that development sales – both off-plan and post-completion - is a marathon and not a race and have continually risen to the challenge to deliver targeted leads, week in week out.”

Peter Allen, Sales & Marketing Director, residential at Stanhope plc

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