Ideal medium to reach affluent individuals.

  • News brands continue to be a medium for reaching high-income audiences.
  • 95% of ABC1s and 98% of chief income earners with an annual net income of over £50,000 read news brands every month.
  • 90% of those responsible for the main shop read newspapers.


News brand readers each month

Scale of reach.

  • News brands reach 49 million readers every month. To put this into perspective, that’s 5 million more unique visitors than Facebook. 10 million UK adults still read printed newspapers for their daily news. This increases to 20m weekly and 24m monthly.

News brands have the power to influence.

  • 71% of people trust what they see in newspapers.
  • There is 40% more trust for news brand content on social media than general content.

News brand readers are open to advertising.

  • Due to the readers’ existing relationships with a news brand, they are ideally primed to response more favourably to advertising.
  • They are aware that ads placed in news brands gives them a certain value and, in some circumstances, increased credibility.

Ads in a quality news environment are more likely to lead to conversions.

  • In addition, advertising that appears in the quality environment of published media is much more likely to be retained in people’s memories.
  • Conversion increases by +51% vs. ads in the open exchange.
  • The news brand environment was shown to improve consideration by up to 68% for a range of top advertisers.

UK news brands deliver growth.

  • Campaigns using news brands are 37% more likely to generate market share growth.
  • Campaigns using news brands are over three times more likely to increase customer loyalty.
  • Campaigns using news brands are 58% more likely to generate profit and 50% more likely to acquire new customers.

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