Mass reach medium.

  • OOH remains a mass reach medium, reaching at least half of all consumers in most markets and as much as 90% in some.
  • The diversity of formats and locations offers brands mass coverage and scale.


increase in market share through OOH

OOH over-achieves.

  • OOH within advertising campaigns increases market share by 36%, boosts profits by 20% and attracts 15% more new customers.

Positive business effects.

  • IPA research demonstrates that campaigns using OOH are over 20% more likely to report positive business affects.

Creative solutions lead to online actions.

  • OOH builds brand equity, fame and esteem. Smartphone proliferation allows consumers to respond instantly to OOH calls to action. They snap, search, share and shop more immediately than ever before.

OOH’s dynamic capabilities allows brands to serve consumers with relevant content.

  • This is a key benefit when nearly 70% of consumers want companies to personalise communications to some extent. Dynamic creative in OOH resonates with consumers by delivering relevant and timely messaging. It allows brands to pivot and upheave their messaging in real time, to improve ad recall and spontaneous brand awareness.

OOH drives online searches and website visits.

  • 33% of interviewees in a 2019 Nielsen survey used a search engine to look up info on an advertiser after seeing an Out of Home ad.
  • 23% of interviewees visited an advertisers website after seeing an Out of Home ad.
  • 15% of interviewees visited an advertiser’s social media page after viewing Out of Home advertising.

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