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The Story

Successful Implementation of an Endorsement Strategy for a Pan-Europe Tour Operator.

“We were surprised with the initial media recommendations and in all honesty a little sceptical. However, the results were in line with their forecasts and have continued to grow month on month”

Eugen Merkel, Head of Media International


The Situation

RSD Travel offer exclusive cultural tours for discerning holidaymakers, enabling trips to the most popular travel destinations of historical importance.

The tours offer incredible value for money. We were tasked not only with increasing awareness of the brand and the product, but also ensuring that our advertising successfully educated potential holidaymakers about RSD’s unique proposition of affordable access to special global locations.

Our Approach

Using our market expertise, we investigated and sourced hyper-relevant print titles, product dispatches and catalogue mailing which appeals to RSD’s core 65+ demographic. We negotiated publisher endorsements to help build brand credibility and improve response rates.

The management of RSD’s print strategy included presenting the brand to various sales and editorial teams. We then managed the onboarding and creative process, to enable RSD to book across as many titles as possible. On behalf of RSD, we negotiated deals with publishers for over 3,000 specialist titles across Europe.

RSD Travel

The Outcome

Our media recommendations have aided the selling of hundreds of holidays a year across multiple countries. Our outstanding relationships with suppliers, and experienced negotiation, enabled us to reduce the media costs with existing publishers by 25%.

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