The Story

The Power of Intelligent TV Advertising.

“EG media are rigorous and present logical plans. Too many agencies I’ve worked with focus on tactical execution rather than a strategy. They have always been clear about the plan and confident about their ability to deliver it. They’ve become invaluable to us.”

Andy Oram, Head of Marketing


The Situation

Hoburne approached us to ensure that they were front and centre of their target audience’s mind during a key selling period for their UK holiday offerings.

We needed scale and frequency across the media touchpoints that were seen by the target audience.

Our Approach

As with all campaigns our starting point was to interrogate existing lead and sales data to allow us to identify key geographical pockets populated by high volumes of consumers who matched existing customers personas.

From this we were able to identify key stations, programming and day parts to allow us to increase reach whilst minimising wastage and maximising budget.

Online activity was dedicated to accelerating social and search activity around spot times, allowing for amplification of the TV activity and a greater impact.

Hoburne Holidays

The Outcome

There was a significant rise in sessions 7 minutes after the ad was aired, with a 66% increase in brand search queries. We also saw a 2248% increase in sessions among the buying demographic we targeted and most importantly, revenue increased period on period by 228%.

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Hoburne Holidays

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